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“Magic” describes the love, passion and dedication with which each piece of jewelry is made, becoming a work of art with a unique, sensitive, free, and enchanted soul. It is a symphony of colors in a single piece of art.

“Magic” is diverse in colors, figures, and textures denoting the joy in each of them, detail and color in its maximum expression, quality that highlights Sonia Heilbron’s brand .

These handmade jewels are the ultimate representation of the magical soul of our brand with a bold statement for a versatile lifestyle.

“Our soul becomes Magic with the colors of its thoughts.”


Discover our world

Sonia Heilbron is inspired by traditional Colombian filigree pieces originating in the Mompox region, fusing these ancestral techniques with Swarovski crystals to create traditional but modern and elegant pieces of art. Her jewelry represents the epitome of identity, sophistication, taste as well as staying up to date with the contemporary trends. Staying true to her roots, 100% of her one-of-a-kind work is handcrafted with the assistance of skilled local artisans in Colombia.

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