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Alluring Renewal collection

A NEW BEGINNING. The arrival of Spring reflects the blossoming and rebirth, life resurfaces in all its splendor. What seems to be the end is actually a new beginning, and that is what we need in life’s little moments; may our existence flourish with all its energy and bear fruit full of positive aspects and good results.


It’s time for changes, adjustments and transformation in each of us. Just as a cocoon is transformed into a butterfly, our life is transformed and a new being emerges. From now on, only through conviction and personal effort, we emerge renewed, full of security, full of elegance and motivated by that shining being, our inner self.

This collection allows us to feel a breeze that brings hope and allows us to see the light generated through tranquility. Just like spring, we must all trust in the magic of new beginnings. “Alluring Renewal” allows us to recover the connection with the deepest longings and make our dream come true, our souls deepest desire.


Every detail, every color combination allows us to appreciate the fleetingness of nature and its renewal. It is captivating to feel that life welcomes us every day with a brilliant sparkle of a unique piece, a jewel that inspires us to love ourselves and build ourselves each day.


Discover our world

Sonia Heilbron is inspired by traditional Colombian filigree pieces originating in the Mompox region, fusing these ancestral techniques with Swarovski crystals to create traditional but modern and elegant pieces of art. Her jewelry represents the epitome of identity, sophistication, taste as well as staying up to date with the contemporary trends. Staying true to her roots, 100% of her one-of-a-kind work is handcrafted with the assistance of skilled local artisans in Colombia.

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