Elegant tradition with style

About Sonia Heilbron

In her innovative quest to create the perfect piece of statement jewelry, Sonia Heilbron fuses the ancient Colombian filigree technique with Swarovski crystals to create traditional but modern elegant and unique pieces of art. The Colombian filigree technique is an art done by hand, curling delicate strands of gold and .990 sterling silver threads which she then finishes by embroidering them with vibrant crystals. Each one-of-a-kind luxury item comes together in perfect harmony merging the fine metalsmith technique establishing ornamental forms with a modern twist in the colorful and sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Sonia Heilbron, the founder and creative director at Sonia Heilbron Luxury Filigree Jewelry was born in Cali, Colombia to German parents. With her European influence and the impact of the ancestral Colombian arts, Sonia was able to launch a distinctive and eccentric line of luxury jewelry in 2004. Sonia is always mindful to create 100% of her work in Colombia staying true to the traditional handcrafted techniques of the local artisans whom she works closely with. Her openness to the unknown and love of the creative process allows her to create extraordinary radiant and elegant pieces that not only define her but the brand as well.

Elegance & sophistication

Sonia Heilbron’s jewelry represents the epitome of identity, sophistication, taste and staying up to date with the contemporary trends. Her pieces enhance femininity and true beauty in each and every woman. Each statement piece is lightweight making her collection versatile. Her pieces seamlessly transition from day to night allowing women to stay chic around the clock.

"A symphony of colors in a unique piece of art"

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