Sonia Heilbron

Sonia Heilbron, advertiser of career but jewelry designer by choice began her company in 2004.Her creations have been exhibited in outstanding catwalks in Colombia, Mexico, and New York.

Sonia has developed an unprecedent style of her own in her exclusive jewelry. She has skillfully made a bond between the unique ancestral filigree technique and the sparkling luxury of the Swarovski crystals. The art of the filigree consists in curling delicate gold or silver threads in beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. In this way, SONIA HEILBRON’S designs adopt this antique technique, using threads of sterling silver, later gold plated in 24 k gold and embroidered with certified Swarovski crystals. Each piece, thus, is an original and extraordinary creation.

Elegant tradition with style

Sonia Heilbron.

The Filigree technique and Swarovski crystals, have always fascinated and inspired the jewelry designer SH. Sonia’s vast artistry and perspective, along with her European flirt, and with her German and Spanish ancestry gives her jewelry a duality which is a mysterious paradox definitively beautiful.

SONIA HEILBRON’S jewelry represents elegance, sophistication, and the latest fashion trends. Positioned by VOGUE magazine (February 2010) as “one of the six best avant-garde designers of the world,” SONIA HEILBRON’S jewelry pieces enhance the femininity and natural brilliance of every woman. Her designs are sold in Colombia, México, Chile, Santo Domingo, Panamá, Europe and United States

A symphony of colors in a unique piece or art