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Discover the shining passion of SONIA HEILBRON’S jewelry, In which she redesigns the ancestral filigree with new shapes and figures transforming this elegant tradition with style in a symphony of colors in a unique piece of art.


the art

Here is where the magic happens. Through SONIA HEILBRON’S workshop, we invite you to discover how ancestral Filigree is made and enjoy a sneak peek of a world known tradition.

The filigree technique, totally handcrafted is an ancestral mastery which consists in the art of curling thin gold or .990 sterling silver threads creating beautiful and unique designs. Every piece is a perfect harmony of delicately craftsmanship. 
SONIA HEILBRON’S jewelry represents identity, elegance and trend.  Her jewelry pieces enhance the femininity and natural brilliance of every woman. They are a colorful symphony that constitute a unique piece of art.